Long Live the King…

In 1994 The Lion King by Disney made its way into theaters. I was 8 years old… 17 years later I’m almost 25 and the movie is still so moving. Maybe even more so now that I can truly appreciate it in its entirety. So when I heard the movie was returning to theaters in 3D I knew I wouldn’t be passing up this opportunity. I could certainly have watched The Lion King in the comfort of my own home but there is something about watching a movie in the theater that has always appealed to me. It’s the experience, the atmosphere. It makes it THAT much better. I wasn’t really going for the 3D format as I haven’t really been sold on it yet. There hasn’t been a movie yet where 3D made the experience, and this was no exception, but I digress.

There was a surprising turnout of movie goers that night. All ages. All races. Parents with their kids. And Couples. Which just goes to show you how Disney’s movie magic brings us together. Right before the movie started there was complete silence… a static like anticipation that could be felt by everyone… and then….

“NNNNNAAAAAANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABA!!!!!” (Yes those are the actually lyrics, I had to look them up!)

And everyone came alive. It was amazing! One of my favorite parts were the younger kids sitting on one side of me. Even though I don’t really like sitting next to anyone I don’t know (especially kids) it was an added treat to see them enjoying a classic movie that I had fell in love with almost 2 decades ago! When the movie ended it received thunderous applause. I recommend going to see this masterpiece in the theaters for its limited 2 WEEK run. Take your kids to see it, ESPECIALLY if they have never seen The Lion King before. Don’t deny them this magical movie!


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