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Technology. Man’s way of making the world easier to control. Is it an ever-growing achievement or is it making the human race weaker by making it dependent. I mean…. will it always be around? What ever the case may be it is undeniable that huge strides are being made. Things that weren’t even thought of 30 years ago are now dictating our lives. It’s mind boggling to think where another 30 years will take us. One of the forerunners in the business is arguably, Apple Inc.

When it comes to Apple Inc. gaining my loyalty as a consumer, they are still a way off. BUT when it comes to innovation. Well that’s another argument all together, with me in their corner! With the unveiling and eventual release of the iPhone 4s, Apple decided to include a little AI Companion called SIRI. Now I have yet to use the actual feature myself as I own an android phone and not an iPhone but the demo’s I have seen are pretty interesting. Enough so to make me research a similar “app” for the droid.

In my search a came across IRIS, which is SIRI backwards interestingly enough. Although the program is still in its ALPHA phase, I was excited to open it and see what it could do. After opening and pressing its “talk” button, I proceeded to carry on an hour-long “conversation” with it. Here are some of my favorite bits:

PP: “Do you like cats or dogs?”
IRIS: “I like both but I like cats better”
PP: “I like cats too”
IRIS: “I’m glad we share something in common. Do you enjoy talking to me Kyle?”
PP “Yes. I enjoy it”
IRIS: “What do you like about it”
PP: “It’s almost most like talking to a person, but you are obviously a computer:
IRIS: “I understand”

PP: “Will robots be smarter than humans”
IRIS: “It is the natural progression of things”
PP: “I think you’re stupid”
IRIS: “… I will remember that when robots take over the world”

A little creepy sometimes but it was very entertaining, and helpfully actually. As it’s purpose is to help you with the questions you have, but it’s done more like a human-to-human conversation. Rather than a Human-to-Computer Q&A. It still has a way to go but I’m very interested to see its progression! What do you think about it? Have you used either SIRI or IRIS? Tell me below!


Seng – Touch Me In The Dark

I am very excited and pleased to bring you a song from a local artist, Seng! After lots of hard work and dedication, Seng brings you “Touch Me In The Dark”. The song isn’t only sang, but it is also written AND produced by Seng. (yes Seng and sang sound exactly the same… lol) The song has a dark undertone to it. Very dance driven and sicken beats, are what drew me in at first listen. After many repeats (so addicting!) the lyrics are really what took center stage. A lot of dance tracks are manufactured with heavy emphasis on the beats and bass lines.  In this track though, the song is a work of art, rather than a product of an assembly line. While the background track is excellently crafted, the beauty of the lyrics don’t go ignored. They flow together wonderfully and are very creative. Give the song a listen a few times through. If you like it enough follow the link below to iTunes and support not just a local artist but an awesome dance track!


Rihanna – We Found Love

This song is my new obsession. It’s an incredible song. The beats, which are the first things I hear in a song, are sickening! It’s incredibly uptempo and anytime is slows down it quickly revs back up! The lyrics are beautiful and, for me, relatable. Has there ever been a time where you were in a relationship, you knew that you should go, but you just can’t seem to leave? Falling in love in a hopeless place. And even when you have left, you want it back. So much so that you are considering taking the bad back with the good. Now the video does depict DRUG and ALCOHOL usage. Which I don’t relate with FYI. And while there are SEXUAL SITUATIONS there isn’t any nudity. So use your judgement when viewing at work or in the company of children. Rihanna doesn’t approve the use of drugs but they are used rather to show the contrast between when times are Good and Bad. Love and Hate. Yin and Yang so  to speak. Although the video may seem grungy and dirty I LOVE the colors and effects such as the sparklers, the thunderstorm backdrop, and the steamers, lol. Watch the video for yourself and tell me in the comments below what you think! Here is Rihanna’s 11th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, We Found Love.





Think there is a relation with the male blond character and her infamous ex Chris Brown… Some seem to think so…

Halloween and Fall Festivities

Halloween 2011


Halloween. Honestly, I was never really into the holiday. Sure I loved the candy. Dressing up could be cool. One of my favorite costumes was Phantom of the Opera. But as an adult I have found an all new appreciation for the holiday. Really putting forth some effort and making an awesome costume and exchanging all the candy for booze it what it’s about for me!  It certainly helps to have friends that go ALL OUT and make their own one-of-a-kind creations. It’s amazing really!!! I had so much fun. What were you this Halloween? What were some of your favorite costumes growing up?

So with Halloween officially over the next big holiday on the list? VETERAN’S DAY!!! Why so important? It’s my birthday!!! 11-11-11. This is going to be a huge event. I can’t wait. I’m getting all Guido’d out this year! Then soon enough Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! Ugh! I feel broke already from all the gift giving… But after all, isn’t that what the Holiday’s are all about!?!?!?


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