Seng – Touch Me In The Dark

I am very excited and pleased to bring you a song from a local artist, Seng! After lots of hard work and dedication, Seng brings you “Touch Me In The Dark”. The song isn’t only sang, but it is also written AND produced by Seng. (yes Seng and sang sound exactly the same… lol) The song has a dark undertone to it. Very dance driven and sicken beats, are what drew me in at first listen. After many repeats (so addicting!) the lyrics are really what took center stage. A lot of dance tracks are manufactured with heavy emphasis on the beats and bass lines.  In this track though, the song is a work of art, rather than a product of an assembly line. While the background track is excellently crafted, the beauty of the lyrics don’t go ignored. They flow together wonderfully and are very creative. Give the song a listen a few times through. If you like it enough follow the link below to iTunes and support not just a local artist but an awesome dance track!


Rihanna – We Found Love

This song is my new obsession. It’s an incredible song. The beats, which are the first things I hear in a song, are sickening! It’s incredibly uptempo and anytime is slows down it quickly revs back up! The lyrics are beautiful and, for me, relatable. Has there ever been a time where you were in a relationship, you knew that you should go, but you just can’t seem to leave? Falling in love in a hopeless place. And even when you have left, you want it back. So much so that you are considering taking the bad back with the good. Now the video does depict DRUG and ALCOHOL usage. Which I don’t relate with FYI. And while there are SEXUAL SITUATIONS there isn’t any nudity. So use your judgement when viewing at work or in the company of children. Rihanna doesn’t approve the use of drugs but they are used rather to show the contrast between when times are Good and Bad. Love and Hate. Yin and Yang so  to speak. Although the video may seem grungy and dirty I LOVE the colors and effects such as the sparklers, the thunderstorm backdrop, and the steamers, lol. Watch the video for yourself and tell me in the comments below what you think! Here is Rihanna’s 11th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, We Found Love.





Think there is a relation with the male blond character and her infamous ex Chris Brown… Some seem to think so…

Music Monday: Kelly Rowland – Down For Whatever

I skipped last week’s Music Monday (Oopsie). But this week I bring you some DANCE in the form of Kelly Rowland! Forever compared to her former Destiny’s Child colleague Beyoncé, Ms. Rowland has always stood out to me in her own way. She has a great voice and is beautiful for sure. Doing best with dance tracks in my opinion. Like “Commander”  and David Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over”. I waited a long time for her latest album Here I Am and I am not disappointed. Without further adieu, here is Kelly Rowland, looking SEXIER than EVER, in  “Down For Whatever”

Music Monday: Fear of Flying/Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

So I’ve been racking my head all day about what to share for Music Monday and even though Monday is almost over… here it is. It’s 3 videos that give you a little insight into how a track is made. For instance the track you hear on an album may not have even been intended for that artist at all! Or ever wondered what it would sound like with some one else singing it? Chances are some one else has done a demo for it and it exists online somewhere. Here is one example.

Brandy sings a demo of “Fear of Flying” …

For Alexandra Burke…

Who doesn’t end up using the song. But as an added extra notice how  Utada Hikaru’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” Samples the same beat as the other 2.

Fall Television

With Fall comes the r turn of some of our favorite tv shows. Summer has gone by FAST and thank God because I had a craving for some GLEE! And although Alphas has been out for a few weeks it’s keeping me tuned in to see what happens next. PLUS it was good news to hear it had been green lit for a second season. ANOTHER  show that I am definitely excited for is Modern Family. It is such an amazing show if you haven’t seen it. Here are the three shows and a little bit about them:

Alphas: Currently still on its first season, Alphas is about a team of super powered humans working for the government. Their mission? Track down OTHER super powered humans. The cast is wildly diverse with my favorite character being Gary. One thing that sets this show apart from other ‘super hero’ shows is the powers they have aren’t always ones that have been done before. That, and their powers are explained in a scientific manner. Instead of just being accepted. Tune in to the Syfy network on Mondays 10/9c.

Modern Family: It’s third season premieres tomorrow and is on Wednesdays at 9/8c. Modern Family takes a look at 3 families and how they are connected to each other. The show includes multiracial, same-sex, and cross generational couples. It is hilarious and usually has pretty good themes. My favorite character? Gloria Delgado-Pritchette, the voluptuous fast talking Colombian.

GLEE: It’s third season premieres TODAY. Airing Tuesdays 8/7c. Set at McKinley High School, it’s about the glee club members trials and tribulations. The characters also have a wide range of diversity. Laced with pop music covers and now original music, Glee is a rollercoaster of emotions! Especially anything that has to deal with Kurt and his Dad! I cry every time…

So be sure to check out some of the above shows if you haven’t already. Let me know what shows YOU are looking forward to watch!

Music Monday: J Lo – Papi

Welcome to another Music Monday. Today I’ve brought you the new video to J.Lo’s 3rd single “Papi”  from her 7th studio album entitled Love?. Although I thought her album would’ve been a little stronger, she did have some good dance tracks. “Papi” is a fun video. You can tell she isn’t taking herself so seriously. She does break out in dance (but a little). I’m sure you will find something you like. Enjoi!


Music Monday: Adele – Someone Like You…. DUBSTEP REMIX?!?!

You’re eyes don’t deceive you! Currently obsessed with Adele’s Someone Like You, bringing you the original song seemed a little silly. So I thought about finding you a good remix. But not just any remix. A DUBSTEP remix. If you aren’t familiar with dubstep, defines is as: a genre of electronic music conveying a dark and brooding atmosphere through prominent bass lines. But I don’t feel like this dubstep remix has been too overworked leaving the song unrecognizable. Take a listen below and tell me what you think!

ALSO! Check out the video on YouTube and find in the description a link to download some other dubstep remixes from “Messed.” Where this song is made available!


Music Monday: Dev – Call Me (Blonde Cover)

Here’s A New Song for Ya!!! Well… Kinda. Here we have Dev (Best know for Bass Down Low ft. The Cataracs and In The Dark) covering one of Blondie’s most iconic songs Call Me. I definitely like the industrial dance spin she took on it. It helps make it her own for sure. But I also like it because you can still feel Blondie in there. This was a promotional single and IS NOT set to be released on her debut album September 20th.  Take a listen to the song for yourself and tell me what you think!

Lady Gaga – You and I

If you have seen any of Lady Gaga’s videos you, by now, have become accustomed to the inexplicable oddities found throughout. So when I saw the video for her new single You and I I wasn’t at all shocked to find what I seen. Mermaids, a bird-like Frankenstein creation scene, a male and female Lady Gaga, and something a few wires short of a cyborg were just some of the things you find in the video. But what had me puzzled is what is what exactly is Lady Gaga’s You and I about?

After watching the video a few times for myself and listening to what other people had to say this was my interpretation…. Be true you yourself. It’s easy to see in the video that there are people who are trying to make Gaga into something that she is not. Either by trying to influence who she is or by “putting words into her mouth” (which you can see metaphorically when she is being “feed” by her male creator). It is also said that the “Male Lady Gaga” is a visual representation of Luc Carl-

(the “drag king” character himself is actually known as Jo Calderone, an alter ego of Lady Gaga)

-a person who has supported and inspired Gaga to be herself from the beginning (depicted in “Luc” reaching down to touch Gaga’s face). The video itself is also dedicated to Gaga’s team who has always believed in her. Gaga has stated that this is a journey to reclaim your true love. A journey traveled so long that you can bare physical scars, such as those on her feet. So many things can be taken from this video, as is true with most of her videos, but what did you get out of You and I? Did you at least enjoy the song/video? How about the Fashion? Watch the video and comment below!!

Why I think Britney Spears didn’t Suck…

I’ll be completely honest with you. Britney didn’t bring the house down like Gaga did back in March when I went to the Van Andel in GR. Nor did she fill the arena, there were sections that were noticeably empty. But what she did do is put on a show the best way she can. She may not be the strongest vocally, and her dancing capabilities have declined since her younger years but I mean c’mon people. She wouldn’t have the fan base that she has if she didn’t have something to offer.

The Pop Princess has come a long was since …Baby One More Time. She has stood atop the highest mountains to only have fallen to the lowest of valleys. Her private life, trials and tribulations, splashed across the TV and tabloids. I’m not going to pull a “Leave Britney Alone” Chris Crocker style but what I will say is give her a chance! Her show was definitely high energy. She did only one or two ballads so the rest of the songs were upbeat and dancey. The music wasn’t an “album listen” but it was remixed and revamped, from the classics to the newest hits off “Femme Fatale” The sets and lighting were beautiful, as were the costumes of her and her dancers. The video’s in between set changes were interesting at first but after the second or third one became rather stale, repetitive, and lacked the ability to keep your attention. Also, she did Rihianna’s S&M which was a nice little treat.

The first opening act was Destinee and Paris. Never heard of them? Neither have I. LOL. Still new to the game (as “Destinee and Paris”, the sisters are from the former group “Clique Girlz”). Basically a Pure Pop act, the teenage girls had a few catchy tunes of their own and covered a few hits from other artists. Second up was none other than DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore himself! The crowd went nuts, they were on their feet the entire time, and not to mention fist pumping like MAD!!! My arms are STILL sore! I was more than a little apprehensive about what he would do. I mean how entertaining can it be to see a guy just stand there on stage and mix tracks? He doesn’t sing. And he doesn’t dance… and to answer my previous question… VERY! Very entertaining indeed. (This may be due to my new found fondness for The Jersey Shore… it’s true… I’m sorry!)

All-in-all It was a pretty damn good concert. I leave you with some video I took of Britney’s Finale!!! Enjoi!



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