Seng – Touch Me In The Dark

I am very excited and pleased to bring you a song from a local artist, Seng! After lots of hard work and dedication, Seng brings you “Touch Me In The Dark”. The song isn’t only sang, but it is also written AND produced by Seng. (yes Seng and sang sound exactly the same… lol) The song has a dark undertone to it. Very dance driven and sicken beats, are what drew me in at first listen. After many repeats (so addicting!) the lyrics are really what took center stage. A lot of dance tracks are manufactured with heavy emphasis on the beats and bass lines.  In this track though, the song is a work of art, rather than a product of an assembly line. While the background track is excellently crafted, the beauty of the lyrics don’t go ignored. They flow together wonderfully and are very creative. Give the song a listen a few times through. If you like it enough follow the link below to iTunes and support not just a local artist but an awesome dance track!


Music Monday: Kelly Rowland – Down For Whatever

I skipped last week’s Music Monday (Oopsie). But this week I bring you some DANCE in the form of Kelly Rowland! Forever compared to her former Destiny’s Child colleague Beyoncé, Ms. Rowland has always stood out to me in her own way. She has a great voice and is beautiful for sure. Doing best with dance tracks in my opinion. Like “Commander”  and David Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over”. I waited a long time for her latest album Here I Am and I am not disappointed. Without further adieu, here is Kelly Rowland, looking SEXIER than EVER, in  “Down For Whatever”

Music Monday: J Lo – Papi

Welcome to another Music Monday. Today I’ve brought you the new video to J.Lo’s 3rd single “Papi”  from her 7th studio album entitled Love?. Although I thought her album would’ve been a little stronger, she did have some good dance tracks. “Papi” is a fun video. You can tell she isn’t taking herself so seriously. She does break out in dance (but a little). I’m sure you will find something you like. Enjoi!


How do you do Friday Night?!

It’s Friday Night!!! What does that mean for you? Are you just finishing up the work week and taking some time for a little R&R? Going out on a hot date? Maybe hitting up the bar with some friends? I want to know how you spend you FRIDAY NIGHT! Comment below OR hit up the Facebook Fan Page!

Katy Perry "Last Friday Night"

Music Monday: Dev – Call Me (Blonde Cover)

Here’s A New Song for Ya!!! Well… Kinda. Here we have Dev (Best know for Bass Down Low ft. The Cataracs and In The Dark) covering one of Blondie’s most iconic songs Call Me. I definitely like the industrial dance spin she took on it. It helps make it her own for sure. But I also like it because you can still feel Blondie in there. This was a promotional single and IS NOT set to be released on her debut album September 20th.  Take a listen to the song for yourself and tell me what you think!


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