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Sunday’s are honestly one of my favorite days of the week because I reserve it for doing absolutely nothing. And while some people would say that it is a waste of a day I beg to differ! Sunday’s really help me keep my sanity. During the week I work around 45 hours at my job. Going to work at 5 A.M. and getting out around 2. On top of Monday-Friday work I hang out with my friends, do projects at home, and sometimes do all nighters at the bar or club among other things. So don’t be surprised when I say I don’t have any weekend plans because my weekdays keep me so busy. Saturday’s usually contain some sort of activity but Sunday is definitely my recovery day.

This week Friday I’m super excited to see Lisa Lampenelli! She may be my all time favorite comedienne and this will be the first live stand up show I’ve ever seen! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any pictures or video but I’m sure going to try!!! ALSO I want to make it out to Artprize one last time to see the Top 10 art pieces and vote! You people enjoy the rest of your weekend and get ready for the week however it is you do that!


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Looking for a Laugh?

I have always been a fan of stand up comedy. Stand up though, is about a lot more than being able to tell a joke. It’s about when to tell the joke, how to tell the joke, the set up, the punch line, the encore, the energy, and the list goes on and on. One of my all time favorite comediennes is the “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampenelli (whose show I will get to see THIS OCTOBER!!!).

She got her moniker “Queen of Mean” because she takes shit from no one, talks shit about EVERYONE, and doesn’t give a F**K!! She will make fun of everyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality, handicap, NOTHING is off limits. You may have seen her on several of Comedy Central’s Roasts. She always steals the show for me. I’m going to leave you with a little clip from The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy. Trust me she WILL make you laugh. She is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended. Oh and she swears like every other word so she is:




So what did you think!? Did you laugh? Were you offended? Comment Below!


I also will do a follow up post after I see her October 7th in Kalamazoo!!! Tickets are still available!!!


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