Halloween and Fall Festivities

Halloween 2011


Halloween. Honestly, I was never really into the holiday. Sure I loved the candy. Dressing up could be cool. One of my favorite costumes was Phantom of the Opera. But as an adult I have found an all new appreciation for the holiday. Really putting forth some effort and making an awesome costume and exchanging all the candy for booze it what it’s about for me! ┬áIt certainly helps to have friends that go ALL OUT and make their own one-of-a-kind creations. It’s amazing really!!! I had so much fun. What were you this Halloween? What were some of your favorite costumes growing up?

So with Halloween officially over the next big holiday on the list? VETERAN’S DAY!!! Why so important? It’s my birthday!!! 11-11-11. This is going to be a huge event. I can’t wait. I’m getting all Guido’d out this year! Then soon enough Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! Ugh! I feel broke already from all the gift giving… But after all, isn’t that what the Holiday’s are all about!?!?!?


How do you do Friday Night?!

It’s Friday Night!!! What does that mean for you? Are you just finishing up the work week and taking some time for a little R&R? Going out on a hot date? Maybe hitting up the bar with some friends? I want to know how you spend you FRIDAY NIGHT! Comment below OR hit up the Facebook Fan Page!

Katy Perry "Last Friday Night"


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