Lady Gaga – You and I

If you have seen any of Lady Gaga’s videos you, by now, have become accustomed to the inexplicable oddities found throughout. So when I saw the video for her new single You and I I wasn’t at all shocked to find what I seen. Mermaids, a bird-like Frankenstein creation scene, a male and female Lady Gaga, and something a few wires short of a cyborg were just some of the things you find in the video. But what had me puzzled is what is what exactly is Lady Gaga’s You and I about?

After watching the video a few times for myself and listening to what other people had to say this was my interpretation…. Be true you yourself. It’s easy to see in the video that there are people who are trying to make Gaga into something that she is not. Either by trying to influence who she is or by “putting words into her mouth” (which you can see metaphorically when she is being “feed” by her male creator). It is also said that the “Male Lady Gaga” is a visual representation of Luc Carl-

(the “drag king” character himself is actually known as Jo Calderone, an alter ego of Lady Gaga)

-a person who has supported and inspired Gaga to be herself from the beginning (depicted in “Luc” reaching down to touch Gaga’s face). The video itself is also dedicated to Gaga’s team who has always believed in her. Gaga has stated that this is a journey to reclaim your true love. A journey traveled so long that you can bare physical scars, such as those on her feet. So many things can be taken from this video, as is true with most of her videos, but what did you get out of You and I? Did you at least enjoy the song/video? How about the Fashion? Watch the video and comment below!!



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