Why I think Britney Spears didn’t Suck…

I’ll be completely honest with you. Britney didn’t bring the house down like Gaga did back in March when I went to the Van Andel in GR. Nor did she fill the arena, there were sections that were noticeably empty. But what she did do is put on a show the best way she can. She may not be the strongest vocally, and her dancing capabilities have declined since her younger years but I mean c’mon people. She wouldn’t have the fan base that she has if she didn’t have something to offer.

The Pop Princess has come a long was since …Baby One More Time. She has stood atop the highest mountains to only have fallen to the lowest of valleys. Her private life, trials and tribulations, splashed across the TV and tabloids. I’m not going to pull a “Leave Britney Alone” Chris Crocker style but what I will say is give her a chance! Her show was definitely high energy. She did only one or two ballads so the rest of the songs were upbeat and dancey. The music wasn’t an “album listen” but it was remixed and revamped, from the classics to the newest hits off “Femme Fatale” The sets and lighting were beautiful, as were the costumes of her and her dancers. The video’s in between set changes were interesting at first but after the second or third one became rather stale, repetitive, and lacked the ability to keep your attention. Also, she did Rihianna’s S&M which was a nice little treat.

The first opening act was Destinee and Paris. Never heard of them? Neither have I. LOL. Still new to the game (as “Destinee and Paris”, the sisters are from the former group “Clique Girlz”). Basically a Pure Pop act, the teenage girls had a few catchy tunes of their own and covered a few hits from other artists. Second up was none other than DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore himself! The crowd went nuts, they were on their feet the entire time, and not to mention fist pumping like MAD!!! My arms are STILL sore! I was more than a little apprehensive about what he would do. I mean how entertaining can it be to see a guy just stand there on stage and mix tracks? He doesn’t sing. And he doesn’t dance… and to answer my previous question… VERY! Very entertaining indeed. (This may be due to my new found fondness for The Jersey Shore… it’s true… I’m sorry!)

All-in-all It was a pretty damn good concert. I leave you with some video I took of Britney’s Finale!!! Enjoi!




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