Dangers of Online Shopping

Before you get the wrong impression…. This isn’t about how to protect yourself from scams and identity theft. This is about finding awesome deals, how easy it is to spend money, and how you look fabulous after it’s all said and done. LOL. I honestly loved how convenient it is to just hop online, find something you like, and punch in your card to get what you want. The hardest part about it is waiting for your purchase to arrive!

This week alone I’ve spent over $200 on clothes, cologne, accessories (duh). and electronics. This is an abnormal amount. I don’t usually spend this much (on a weekly basis). But this time of year there is Halloween and several birthdays (including my own), so that raises the stakes. There are so many cool, fashion forward things that you can find that people won’t have around here. There aren’t a lot of places here in the midwest where you can get crazy, high-fashion, or avant garde clothes. Online boutiques offer a remedy to that.

Besides being able to find things you can’t find around here, online shipping is just plain convenient! I don’t even have to put on pants if I don’t want to! Again, to ensure no misunderstanding I am wearing shorts, the computer is in the living room for crying out loud! What kind of girl do you take me for?! And I have to take advantage this spending money while I can because I’ll be getting a new car soon… Which comes with car payments… and Car Insurence…. and Upkeep…. Ugh. I feel poor already. LOL. Enjoying it while it lasts!!! Here are some of my possible future ventures:



Christian Louboutins!


Circle Fur Scarf


John Galliano!!!


Do you online shop? Anything that has had you eye for some time but can’t decide if you should get it or not? Share with me!


Fashion’s Night Out In GRAND RAPIDS

Do any of you have an interest in fashion? Seeking out the latest trends maybe? Or perhaps you just need a night out on the town! Well come on out September 8, 2011 for “Fashion’s Night Out”. A world-wide event that celebrates fashion retailers, restaurants, and salons that GRAND RAPIDS is now a part of!!

Hyped to be on of the biggest fashion events EVER! Fashion’s Night Out will also be donating a percentage of the sales to the NYC AIDS Fund! So check out the links below and decide for yourself! Hope you see you out there!

ALSO if I see you out I would love some pics of you in you digs or of your new purchases to feature on my blog. I will be doing a follow-up post as well!

Check it out on FACEBOOK:




Fashion Is A Virtue

Fashion. It is an incredible thing. So much goes into it. All the way from the people who design the things we wear, to the trend setters who give the intended look an ENTIRELY different spin. Fashion may seem trivial to some people. But to some… It can be EVERYTHING. A form of self-expression. So much can be said about a person solely based on the clothes they have decided to wear. Even if fashion doesn’t interest you, it does. In some way it does. At some point you had to make a conscious decision what to wear this morning, or when you first purchased the item. Something called out to you about it. Not matter how BOLD or how subtle the article may be. It’s yours and you chose it.


I could go on and on about the things that intrigue me about fashion but something I liked best is how people make it their own. You can take two outfits, exactly the same, but on two different people they can be entirely different! Not only can an accessory change the feel of an outfit, but one’s attitude can completely transform and transend it into something that speaks volumes. I have always taken an interest in making an outfit or piece your own. So much can be done with a trip to a craft store, some scissors, and a hot glue gun! The next time you find something in the back of your closet and are thinking about throwing it away… THINK AGAIN! Take that piece and transform in into something new. Not only have you put you own personalized take on something but you could very well start a trend, or at the very least save yourself a few bucks. We are in a recession people! Take you inner FASHIONISTA and make yourself into a RECESSIONISTA! And one of the best things in fashion is so many people have made it OK to do what YOU want. You can’t be wrong!


Here I’ve included a link to one of my favorite sites where people have MADE fashion and made it available for you to purchase! Don’t be afraid to look around! I have found some AMAZING things here! And if you do too feel free to share them in the comments!!!




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