Artprize Photos

Here are a few more photos I took around Artprize yesterday. I’m thinking my favorite is the Lego Man. I’m telling you there is so much to see down there! I could easily spend 2-3 MORE days down there! That’s on top of the 2 days I went! Make sure you make it down! Let me know what you think of my photos! And be sure to share what you liked when you went to Artprize!!!









Grand Rapids: Artprize 2011

Last Wednesday kicked off Grand Rapid’s Artprize 2011. Now on its third year Artprize has proven to bring out people in the area to see all the amazing talents Michigan and beyond has to offer. If art viewing hasn’t interested you in the past or you don’t think it would I dare you to come out and not enjoy yourself! This is so much more than just some paintings in an art gallery. There are giant sculptures, wall sized murals, interactive art, and live art! I could go on and on about it but I’m telling you! If you are looking for something to do come on out and check out all the beautiful artwork! Artprize is only running  from September 21 – October 9th, so get out there and see some art! ALSO don’t forget to register to vote for your favorite art pieces (Link down below). I’ve included a few pix of my favorite pieces below and I’m hoping to make it out a few more times before Artprize is over to bring you some more photos!


Get more information on how to register to vote here:

I hope to see you out there and let me know how YOU enjoyed ARTPRIZE!!!


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