Music Monday: David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On

Currently spinning this on off the new David Guetta Album, Nothing But The Beat. Naturally I love anything with a sick beat (in comes David Guetta) and then add Nicki? PSH! I love it! The rapping towards the end is what KILLZ it for me! Take a listen for yourself!



Let’s Talk: Civil Rights

Martin Luther King Jr.

After watching The Help (see my review on the previous post) I really wanted to delve further into the 1960’s and the Civil Rights Movement. Although many could argue that the fight for civil rights is still far from being over, it’s easy to see that the figures at that time are really what catapulted America forward into equal rights for all. Although the term equal rights has been used throughout our country’s history it has been redefined time and time again. With the definition yet to truly include equal rights for all.

The Help, specifically speaking in terms of White and Black equality, may carry a relevancy that is echoed in the struggles of today but let’s look at the context of that time  period. Although slavery was abolished in December of 1865, 100 years later the fight for equality still continued. African-Americans had many freedoms but were often discouraged from expressing them due to lynch mobs, Jim Crow Laws, and the fear of what would happen if they partook in these freedoms. Separate but Equal was a term that was thrown around to give the illusion of equality but even that wouldn’t suffice.

I have so much admiration for the people who fought for civil rights and what they believe in. It takes so much courage to come from a minority and go against the times. Trust me when I say I CAN RELATE. But something that I never have been able to understand is how one group of people can look down on and treat another group of people with such distaste. When you watch movies/TV shows like The Help and you see how casual it is for these people to treat others so horribly it really makes me wonder. How can some one feel so vindicated in these actions? People should never be condemned for who they are, especially when it is something that they cannot change. When it is something they are born with how can they ever hope to be treated with love and respect? Do you think there are any injustices today that you think future generations will look back on and wonder “What where they thinking?”

Comments and Thoughts below!

Movie Review: The Help


Prop. of Dreamworks/SKG

The Help


Directed and Screenplay By: Tate Taylor

Starring: Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer

The Help is set in the 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement. The main character Skeeter (Stone) is fresh from college and bent on becoming a writer. In order to get some experience she takes a cleaning column for a local paper. In seeking some advice from Aibileen (Davis) she comes up with the idea for the book, The Help.

Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe this movie for me!!! The actors do an incredibly convincing job of portraying the people of the times. Stone’s performance show’s her true versatility and she is certainly at the top of her game. The cast in its entirety goes above and beyond to not only make you understand and aware of the civil situation of the time but they make you feel it. There were many times during the film where tears would well up in my eyes because this movie is just filled with so many emotions. Struggles. And situations which can be vary relatable. There are also a few times when I feel uncomfortable for the characters. The set and props are very convincing and help give the film a true authenticity.


I could go on and on about how wonderful the movie is but I’m instead going to do a second post based on what The Help made me feel (no spoilers). Go and see this gripping moving, bring  a box of tissues, tell your friends all about it, and then see it again when it comes to video!!!


Tell me why you decided to see the help and what you thought about it below!!!

Looking for a Laugh?

I have always been a fan of stand up comedy. Stand up though, is about a lot more than being able to tell a joke. It’s about when to tell the joke, how to tell the joke, the set up, the punch line, the encore, the energy, and the list goes on and on. One of my all time favorite comediennes is the “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampenelli (whose show I will get to see THIS OCTOBER!!!).

She got her moniker “Queen of Mean” because she takes shit from no one, talks shit about EVERYONE, and doesn’t give a F**K!! She will make fun of everyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality, handicap, NOTHING is off limits. You may have seen her on several of Comedy Central’s Roasts. She always steals the show for me. I’m going to leave you with a little clip from The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy. Trust me she WILL make you laugh. She is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended. Oh and she swears like every other word so she is:




So what did you think!? Did you laugh? Were you offended? Comment Below!


I also will do a follow up post after I see her October 7th in Kalamazoo!!! Tickets are still available!!!

Lady Gaga – You and I

If you have seen any of Lady Gaga’s videos you, by now, have become accustomed to the inexplicable oddities found throughout. So when I saw the video for her new single You and I I wasn’t at all shocked to find what I seen. Mermaids, a bird-like Frankenstein creation scene, a male and female Lady Gaga, and something a few wires short of a cyborg were just some of the things you find in the video. But what had me puzzled is what is what exactly is Lady Gaga’s You and I about?

After watching the video a few times for myself and listening to what other people had to say this was my interpretation…. Be true you yourself. It’s easy to see in the video that there are people who are trying to make Gaga into something that she is not. Either by trying to influence who she is or by “putting words into her mouth” (which you can see metaphorically when she is being “feed” by her male creator). It is also said that the “Male Lady Gaga” is a visual representation of Luc Carl-

(the “drag king” character himself is actually known as Jo Calderone, an alter ego of Lady Gaga)

-a person who has supported and inspired Gaga to be herself from the beginning (depicted in “Luc” reaching down to touch Gaga’s face). The video itself is also dedicated to Gaga’s team who has always believed in her. Gaga has stated that this is a journey to reclaim your true love. A journey traveled so long that you can bare physical scars, such as those on her feet. So many things can be taken from this video, as is true with most of her videos, but what did you get out of You and I? Did you at least enjoy the song/video? How about the Fashion? Watch the video and comment below!!

Why I think Britney Spears didn’t Suck…

I’ll be completely honest with you. Britney didn’t bring the house down like Gaga did back in March when I went to the Van Andel in GR. Nor did she fill the arena, there were sections that were noticeably empty. But what she did do is put on a show the best way she can. She may not be the strongest vocally, and her dancing capabilities have declined since her younger years but I mean c’mon people. She wouldn’t have the fan base that she has if she didn’t have something to offer.

The Pop Princess has come a long was since …Baby One More Time. She has stood atop the highest mountains to only have fallen to the lowest of valleys. Her private life, trials and tribulations, splashed across the TV and tabloids. I’m not going to pull a “Leave Britney Alone” Chris Crocker style but what I will say is give her a chance! Her show was definitely high energy. She did only one or two ballads so the rest of the songs were upbeat and dancey. The music wasn’t an “album listen” but it was remixed and revamped, from the classics to the newest hits off “Femme Fatale” The sets and lighting were beautiful, as were the costumes of her and her dancers. The video’s in between set changes were interesting at first but after the second or third one became rather stale, repetitive, and lacked the ability to keep your attention. Also, she did Rihianna’s S&M which was a nice little treat.

The first opening act was Destinee and Paris. Never heard of them? Neither have I. LOL. Still new to the game (as “Destinee and Paris”, the sisters are from the former group “Clique Girlz”). Basically a Pure Pop act, the teenage girls had a few catchy tunes of their own and covered a few hits from other artists. Second up was none other than DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore himself! The crowd went nuts, they were on their feet the entire time, and not to mention fist pumping like MAD!!! My arms are STILL sore! I was more than a little apprehensive about what he would do. I mean how entertaining can it be to see a guy just stand there on stage and mix tracks? He doesn’t sing. And he doesn’t dance… and to answer my previous question… VERY! Very entertaining indeed. (This may be due to my new found fondness for The Jersey Shore… it’s true… I’m sorry!)

All-in-all It was a pretty damn good concert. I leave you with some video I took of Britney’s Finale!!! Enjoi!


Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Starring: James Franco, Andy Serkis, and Freida Pinto.


Having never seen the original Planet of the Apes’s movies I was able to go into this one with out any preconceptions. The only knowledge I had of the prior movies was from the bits I seen from Tim Burton’s 2001 remake. This movie, to me, was done exceptionally well. There were quality actors, a well written story line, and the CGI was believable. Interesting from beginning to end, always keeping me entertained and wanting to know what was going to happen next, RotPotA included a factor that many movies don’t have. Feeling. I felt for the characters and the various struggles they faced. I felt their pain. I felt their joy. There were so many emotions running throughout the film and I felt them all. This was one of the best movies I have seen all year and I would definitely recommend it. There were a few things in the cinematography and writing that I think could have been tweaked a little differently which are the only things holding this movie back from a perfect rating. If you haven’t seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes yet I suggest you do!


Philosopher’s Ratingout of 5 Phoenixes


Fashion Is A Virtue

Fashion. It is an incredible thing. So much goes into it. All the way from the people who design the things we wear, to the trend setters who give the intended look an ENTIRELY different spin. Fashion may seem trivial to some people. But to some… It can be EVERYTHING. A form of self-expression. So much can be said about a person solely based on the clothes they have decided to wear. Even if fashion doesn’t interest you, it does. In some way it does. At some point you had to make a conscious decision what to wear this morning, or when you first purchased the item. Something called out to you about it. Not matter how BOLD or how subtle the article may be. It’s yours and you chose it.


I could go on and on about the things that intrigue me about fashion but something I liked best is how people make it their own. You can take two outfits, exactly the same, but on two different people they can be entirely different! Not only can an accessory change the feel of an outfit, but one’s attitude can completely transform and transend it into something that speaks volumes. I have always taken an interest in making an outfit or piece your own. So much can be done with a trip to a craft store, some scissors, and a hot glue gun! The next time you find something in the back of your closet and are thinking about throwing it away… THINK AGAIN! Take that piece and transform in into something new. Not only have you put you own personalized take on something but you could very well start a trend, or at the very least save yourself a few bucks. We are in a recession people! Take you inner FASHIONISTA and make yourself into a RECESSIONISTA! And one of the best things in fashion is so many people have made it OK to do what YOU want. You can’t be wrong!


Here I’ve included a link to one of my favorite sites where people have MADE fashion and made it available for you to purchase! Don’t be afraid to look around! I have found some AMAZING things here! And if you do too feel free to share them in the comments!!!

First Movie Post: Review of COWBOYS AND ALIENS

For my first movie post I’m going to review the most recent movie I seen:

Cowboys and Aliens

Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach

Set in the year 1873, the movie takes place in a Wild West Arizona. The premise is aliens are here for Earth and a rag tag posse of Cowboys are the only things that stand in the way. An arm band and a mysterious girl might be the key to liberating Earth from these Goldrushing Aliens.

The movie in the beginning was, I felt, a little too slow moving for my taste. Once the action started it picked up pace but never really evolved into a full on action movie. The movie also contains thriller, drama, and obviously sci-fi elements. The plot line could have been more solid, since it wasn’t full on action I felt it should have contained stronger writing elements. But that having been said it did hold my interest for a reasonable about of time, and considering that I’m not a big fan of  the “Western” genre that does hold some weight. Overall I did fell like I was completely cheated out of my Cinema money, but I think it’s ok if you wait for it to come to a video store of Redbox near you…

Philosopher’s Rating: 3 out of 5 Phoenixes

Welcome…. To The Phoenix-Philosophies

I am both excited and nervous to bring you the Phoenix-Philosophies Blog. Here I will discuss and share myself with you about various topics. Topics that will include everything in the spectrum of seriousness to complete and udder silliness. I may not always be “politically correct” (if you already know me, then you know that’s not always my style) But I ASSURE you that I NEVER intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that includes me. I hope to bring you a look into things that normally slip through the cracks of our busy day-to-day. AND I would be just as equally excited to hear what you have to say about different topics. Also, I am open to writing about things you want to share with everyone so if you have an idea just shoot me a message! Let’s see where we can take this people!!! Let’s learn, let’s laugh. Have fun. Don’t Be shy! And without further adieu I, Kyle “Phoenix” Ramirez, Welcome You To…. The Phoenix-Philosophies!!!

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