25th Birthday Bash!!! Guido-Style!!!


Sorry for the Hiatus….

I can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE WEEK since I last posted something! That’s terrible of me! The last 4 Days I’ve been out partying with friends! And let me tell you… I’M EXHAUSTED! But I promise from here on out to make a bigger effort to bring you guys MORE!! And I want YOU to challenge me to do so!

Love, The Phoenix-Philosopher

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Welcome…. To The Phoenix-Philosophies

I am both excited and nervous to bring you the Phoenix-Philosophies Blog. Here I will discuss and share myself with you about various topics. Topics that will include everything in the spectrum of seriousness to complete and udder silliness. I may not always be “politically correct” (if you already know me, then you know that’s not always my style) But I ASSURE you that I NEVER intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that includes me. I hope to bring you a look into things that normally slip through the cracks of our busy day-to-day. AND I would be just as equally excited to hear what you have to say about different topics. Also, I am open to writing about things you want to share with everyone so if you have an idea just shoot me a message! Let’s see where we can take this people!!! Let’s learn, let’s laugh. Have fun. Don’t Be shy! And without further adieu I, Kyle “Phoenix” Ramirez, Welcome You To…. The Phoenix-Philosophies!!!

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