Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

Sunday’s are honestly one of my favorite days of the week because I reserve it for doing absolutely nothing. And while some people would say that it is a waste of a day I beg to differ! Sunday’s really help me keep my sanity. During the week I work around 45 hours at my job. Going to work at 5 A.M. and getting out around 2. On top of Monday-Friday work I hang out with my friends, do projects at home, and sometimes do all nighters at the bar or club among other things. So don’t be surprised when I say I don’t have any weekend plans because my weekdays keep me so busy. Saturday’s usually contain some sort of activity but Sunday is definitely my recovery day.

This week Friday I’m super excited to see Lisa Lampenelli! She may be my all time favorite comedienne and this will be the first live stand up show I’ve ever seen! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any pictures or video but I’m sure going to try!!! ALSO I want to make it out to Artprize one last time to see the Top 10 art pieces and vote! You people enjoy the rest of your weekend and get ready for the week however it is you do that!


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How do you do Friday Night?!

It’s Friday Night!!! What does that mean for you? Are you just finishing up the work week and taking some time for a little R&R? Going out on a hot date? Maybe hitting up the bar with some friends? I want to know how you spend you FRIDAY NIGHT! Comment below OR hit up the Facebook Fan Page!

Katy Perry "Last Friday Night"

Let’s Talk: Civil Rights

Martin Luther King Jr.

After watching The Help (see my review on the previous post) I really wanted to delve further into the 1960’s and the Civil Rights Movement. Although many could argue that the fight for civil rights is still far from being over, it’s easy to see that the figures at that time are really what catapulted America forward into equal rights for all. Although the term equal rights has been used throughout our country’s history it has been redefined time and time again. With the definition yet to truly include equal rights for all.

The Help, specifically speaking in terms of White and Black equality, may carry a relevancy that is echoed in the struggles of today but let’s look at the context of that time  period. Although slavery was abolished in December of 1865, 100 years later the fight for equality still continued. African-Americans had many freedoms but were often discouraged from expressing them due to lynch mobs, Jim Crow Laws, and the fear of what would happen if they partook in these freedoms. Separate but Equal was a term that was thrown around to give the illusion of equality but even that wouldn’t suffice.

I have so much admiration for the people who fought for civil rights and what they believe in. It takes so much courage to come from a minority and go against the times. Trust me when I say I CAN RELATE. But something that I never have been able to understand is how one group of people can look down on and treat another group of people with such distaste. When you watch movies/TV shows like The Help and you see how casual it is for these people to treat others so horribly it really makes me wonder. How can some one feel so vindicated in these actions? People should never be condemned for who they are, especially when it is something that they cannot change. When it is something they are born with how can they ever hope to be treated with love and respect? Do you think there are any injustices today that you think future generations will look back on and wonder “What where they thinking?”

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