Movie Review: The Help


Prop. of Dreamworks/SKG

The Help


Directed and Screenplay By: Tate Taylor

Starring: Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer

The Help is set in the 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement. The main character Skeeter (Stone) is fresh from college and bent on becoming a writer. In order to get some experience she takes a cleaning column for a local paper. In seeking some advice from Aibileen (Davis) she comes up with the idea for the book, The Help.

Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe this movie for me!!! The actors do an incredibly convincing job of portraying the people of the times. Stone’s performance show’s her true versatility and she is certainly at the top of her game. The cast in its entirety goes above and beyond to not only make you understand and aware of the civil situation of the time but they make you feel it. There were many times during the film where tears would well up in my eyes because this movie is just filled with so many emotions. Struggles. And situations which can be vary relatable. There are also a few times when I feel uncomfortable for the characters. The set and props are very convincing and help give the film a true authenticity.


I could go on and on about how wonderful the movie is but I’m instead going to do a second post based on what The Help made me feel (no spoilers). Go and see this gripping moving, bring  a box of tissues, tell your friends all about it, and then see it again when it comes to video!!!


Tell me why you decided to see the help and what you thought about it below!!!


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2 responses to “Movie Review: The Help

  1. Great review Phoenix! Incredible movie and I’m glad I was there to experience it with you!

  2. Well mentioned and with wonderful timing

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